I’m just letting you all know that I’m probably not going to report to my blog any longer (I might once in a while if I have time). This was a project for my Intro to Computers class in school, and since school is almost out (YAY) I will be having fun in the sunnnn and wont have much time to maintain it! Also since the Gossip Girl season finale was a little while ago, I think I should (if I choose to return) come back and write when NEW episodes are airing.

Before this blogging project I always just thought of a blog as an online diary and thought that I’d rather hand write a diary, rather than post it onto a blog, but now I understand that this community of bloggers is an informational experience; a chance to get your knowledge out to others. I think I have proved, what I thought something was, wrong. Me as a blogger I think is kind of all over the place, but now I for sure know all the different kind of blogs! The thing I love about blogs is that there is so much opinion in them. You can get to know someone just by what they blog about and how they write it.

The work load for me was kind of stressful because I wasn’t sure what to exactly write about at times=p. A downfall to blogs is that you aren’t sure which blogs have true information! And are viable. Another downfall is that the “blogosphere” is kind of hard to follow and find what you exactly want. I guess practice makes perfect…?

I think I do know a lot about my field of Gossip Girl! One) Because I have watched every episode and two) I actually know what other people’s opinions are about the show! There are many different views on the show, obviously=]. For this particular show, I think if you haven’t ever liked it then you never will.

The blogosphere I learned is extremely big and that there are actually a lot of people out there blogging! Blogs about all different kind of things, ranging from food, to dogs, to water polo. Blogs are a great way of communicating and learning and just getting out there!


“Gossip Girl” Always Tries to Make the Movie in It’s Head Resemble Reality

Now, I know we all got at least a little bit confused with the Gossip Girl flashback to Lily van der Woodsen as a teenager, just admit it.

There have been a couple “WTF?” moments and episodes… and yes, characters on the TV show; there as well (DUH) have been amazing moments and episodes… and yes, CHARACTERS on the TV show! =].

This blog post (here is the link)…:


…is extremely entertaining and brilliant! It was written by Chris Rovzar and Jessica Pressler. They made a huge list of scenes in the show and put a “Minus” or “Plus” next to each with a number beside the “minus” and “plus”: Ex: Minus 3 or Plus 5. They are tallied up at the end.

Here’s one of the bullets in the list:

• AND: Blair would obviously pick up on the prom-queen ruse from the very beginning. No change of social plans like that would be made without the Queen B’s knowledge, Plus, look at the other names on the list: Nelly Yuki, Terri Murphy, Nate Archibald, Mitchell Shepherd, and Daniel Colman. Nelly Yuki ‘s name on the list would have tipped her off from the very beginning, as would the absence of Serena. Plus, the girls couldn’t keep a straight face (part of why they were always second to Blair in the first place). No matter how distracted Blair was by her fantasy, she didn’t suddenly become dim-witted. Minus 5.

Even though the writers of this have mixed feeling about the show, ADMIT IT, it is an amzing blog post!


Gossip Girl “Things to Have”

Everyone has of course heard that the Gossip Girl Season 1 DVD realease was a little while ago, a matter of fact the other day when I was at Target it was on SALE! But now where is the Gossip Girl Season 2 DVD?! In stores or what?? The Season 2 release date is finally announced. It will be distributed on AUGUST 18, 2009! Mark the date in your calendars and planners, write it all over, every where you can!! This release is only thirteen days before the season premiere of season 3!! Whew, whatta month.

On the DVD’s it shows all 25 episodes of season 2 and is $59.98!! (On sale at amazon.com for only $38.99.)

Don’t forget to pre-order!

Buy it at:




Lights, Camera, Watch!

Who is the general audience that watches Gossip Girl?

Well in my family, I watch it, my sister watches it, and my mom watches it (I make her =p), but my dad… that’s a big fat NO WAY. He thinks just by hearing the name of the show “Gossip Girl” it is all about gossip and b*tchy people and it being not a good “influence”. That, and he’s a guy. This show mostly appeals to teen girls, for it’s drama, romance, and revenge with a mix of other things.

My cousins watch this show as well, one being an almost 8th grader and one being an almost senior in high school. Mostly all my friends (who are girls) watch it and love it. One of my guy friends was talking to me and said, “I saw there was the ad thing or what ever for the Gossip Girl season finale…” and I of course responded, “AHHH IT WAS AMAZING!” And he replied, “Ha, sure…” Lesson learned: Don’t talk to a boy about Gossip Girl, they aren’t interested in it and never will be.=].

An article read that the general audience who watches Gossip Girl is the ages of 18-34 with about 3.65 million people watching, but originally the audience charted from 18-49, so that mean the show lost 32% of it’s adult viewers, wonder why?

(Citation: http://www.zap2it.com/tv/news/zap-kidnationgossipgirlpremieres,0,5106695.story)

Site’s call the show “The Teen Soap”.

I think the way adults see this show is that it isn’t realistic and they think those people can not be just teens or kids; they act like adults. Adults think the show is “mind-blowing inappropriate”. Teens think it’s the best show ever =).

Until next timeee.



Season Three Predictions?

Season Three Predictions anyone?

I personally think the way that the season finale left off, with the couple little cliffhangers, season three will be a HUGE surprise! First off, Georgina will be sharing a dorm room with Blair! I first don’t think Blair would ever live in a dorm, especially with another person, and it was Blair’s own fault for releasing the devil again. But I think Blair will change dorms or try to get her own house. Blair would change what ever Georgina would plan, because, I mean, it’s Blair Waldorf!

Then another cliff hanger about Dan, Jenny, Serena, and Erik’s step-brother (Rufus and Lily’s son) in the coffee shop! Dan thought he was another new comer to Brooklyn, New York and introduced himself, not even knowing they are related! WOAH. That’s ironic they actually met, step brother creepin’? But I think Dn of course will find out that is his brother from another mother.

And when Nate and Vanessa are going on the trip over the summer together; Nate saying that there will be nothing between them on their trip, LIES (I hope=). I think they will eventually figure out that they are meant for each other.

And what will happen between the whole triangle relationship going on with the Van der Woodsens and Humphreys??? I think Serena and Dan should have the chance to be together instead of Rufus and Lily being together; they had their chance! But I do think Serena and Dan wont get into a relationship and will let their parents be together instead. And also, now with their SON in the picture, who knows what he will bring together and upart… Also Serena and Dan being STEP BROTHER AND SISTER. Yum. (P.S. who thinks they are a cute couple in real life??? Blake Lively and Penn Badgley.)

And how will Gossip Girl manage to go report on all the graduates??? Is she a grown woman or what?! Also will she report on Jenny as well and everyone else back in the Upper East Side?

I think Gossip Girl will have some difficulties with this; unless there’s more than one and a “queen” gossip girl!! Maybe that’s it, there is more than one gossip girl!! (Just putting ideas out there=)

Tell me what all of your predictions are!! Thanks!!


Season Finale “Wows”

So who watched the season finale of Gossip Girl?! I know I did!

So here are the major events that happened in the season finale; first!: Graduation anyone?! The upper east side’s queen’s and king teens finally graduated from their “beloved” private school, where many, many things happened. During their graduation Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Serena van der Woodsen, and Blair Waldorf and some others all got Gossip Girl update sent to their phones. Gossip Girl was on a rampage. This was the last straw for Serena, who was determined to bring her down! This of course back fired and hit Serena and the gang right in the face, big surprise. Also Gossip Girl sent out the biggest set of rumors yet, which separated the group of friends for a bit.

Mean while, Blair was on a mission to get the three words, “I love you” out of Chuck’s mouth, which didn’t happen easily. There were a lot of crying and turn downs, but yes, finally, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf had their moment! YAYY. They stood outside of Chuck’s limo forever kissing.

Anyways, then Nate wasn’t in for the internship his grandfather set up for him so he asked Vanessa for a chance to go with her on vacation during the summer; non-intimately though. Also Dan had an encounter with his step-brother that he doesn’t know about in a coffee shop, making a bond there Dan?

And lastly Blair got over her grudge for Jenny Humphrey and helped her get the title of Queen J…?

One of my favorite parts of the finale was when of course Chuck and Blair finally made a “commitment”. They are practically the cutest couple ever and I hope they will always be together!! (Check out my other blogs about them=)

Another was when Little J became the new queen, with Blair’s help. Now only Jenny is allowed to wear headbands, ‘ey? LOVE IT!


Other Shows?

Now I personally think Gossip Girl is the best show ever, but there are definitely other great ones. My two other favorite T.V. shows are Castle and Chuck. If you like Gossip Girl, I am not really sure if you would really like these ones though.

Castle is about a mystery murder, crime writer who wanted to follow around an actual cop on the scene, around. He was assignedto Bennet, a young, all propfession cop. I think this show is extremely funny!

Then Chuck, it is about a “Buy More” employee who accidently “downloaded” a top secret government intersect in his brain. He also has a father who is one of the biggest most valuable scientists “owned” by the government. One of Chuck’s handlers, Sarah, and him has an immediate connection, making things very difficult. He’s always constantly being targeted to be “eliminated”. This show is mostly about love, family, and humor.

Some shows that are alike to Gossip Girl is 90210; that’s what I’ve heard anyways. My friend told me that it’s like Gossip Girl located in Los Angeles, CA instead of The Upper East Side, New York. This show is about a family who had moved to Beverly Hills, CA. The teens of the family becomes acquaintanted with many different kinds of people; including a jock, spoiled rich girl, an aspiring journalist, and a rebel.

For more information on 90210 go to: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/90210

Another good show that is somewhat alike to Gossip Girl is the show Ugly Betty. This show I as well watch, it is about a girl named Betty who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York with a job at Mode Magazine in Manhattan, New York, ran by the Meade family; that is until Wilhelmina Slater (a “fashion diva” who is entirely focused on getting the editor spot in Meade Publications) comes into the business. Everybody thought Betty would fail at this magazine job, for it is a fashion magazine and Betty always being the “ugly goose”. Betty is always the best worker and friend any body could have, maybe not girlfriend though. Ugly Betty is about life in the fashion world.

For more information about Ugly Betty go to this site: http://abc.go.com/primetime/uglybetty/index?pn=index